About our materials


Waddler knits are made from 100% baby alpaca wool. The alpaca is an animal similar to a llama and native the the South American Andes. Their wool is one of the world's softest and warmest natural fibres, seven times warmer than cashmere and as soft as merino, and unlike sheeps wool has no lanolin to soak up stains. So it keeps little ones warm, is soft and hypoallergenic, fire resistant (unlike synthetics) and food spillages can be brushed off! 


The alpaca is also one of natures most eco friendly animals. They graze lightly on the land unlike cows and sheep, and unlike goats, they have soft toes instead of hooves, all of which avoid soil erosion. And they are great with kids! 


Our cotton is pure Peruvian pima cotton, the world's finest. It's long threads makes it extra strong and resistant as well as deliciously soft to the touch. And out pima cotton is organic and non-GM - unlike most of the world's organic cotton.


Waddler makes clothes for children, so we feel an extra responsibility to look after the environment that those children grow up in. We hope you agree and would love to hear your views and suggestions!