Our Story


In 2008 We Left Our London Life Behind And With Our Young Son, Went To Seek Adventure In South America. After Much Exploring We Found Ourselves Living In Remote Foothills Of The Andes Mountains Surrounded By Rolling Hillsides, Vast Forests With A Warm Sun Overhead. Our Time Here Inspired The Waddler Lifestyle. Our Son Spent His First Years Picking Avocadoes In A Tropical Garden, Riding Bareback With Gauchos And Feasting On Empanadas Baked In A Clay-Oven. He Saw The Forests Come Alive With Ceibo Blossom In The Winter, Watched Fireflies Light Up His Bedroom In Spring And Clapped His Hands At Alligators Lazing In The Hot Summer Sun. Our Clothes Are Inspired By The Magic Of This Life.


Winding Our Way Deeper Into The Andes We Discovered The Existence Of Alpaca Yarn. It’s Luxurious Softness, Incredible Warmth And Rich Colours Enthralled Us And Inspired The Creation Of Our First Home Made Knits. In Bolivia We Learned The Story Of Alpaca, How It Was Once The Clothing Of Inca Kings And Of How The Skills Needed To Spin And Knit It Have Been Handed Down Over Generations. In This City At The Top Of The World, We Decided To Create Designs For Children That Wove Together Our Adventures And Experiences In South America With The Millenarian Traditions Of The People Who Would Make Them. The Result Was Waddler. And We Decided To Give As Much Back As Possible. We Ensure All Our Knitters Are Paid Three Times The Minimum Wage And We’ve Seen The Results Of This. Back Breaking Drudgery Replaced By Washing Machines, Kids Able To Afford School Materials And All Round Happier Families. Even The Alpacas Themselves Contribute To Our Ethics By Being One Of The Planets Most Eco Friendly Agricultural Animals. Low Impact Soft Feet Protect Fragile Ecosystems And They Don’t Over Graze Like Sheep Or Goats.

Crossing The Andes To Peru, We Dropped Into The World Of Cotton. Cotton Has Been Produced Here Since At Least 2500Bc, And Local Pima Cotton Is Still Unarguably The World’s Finest. Waddler Deals With Small Workshops And Skilled Artisan Who Know How To Work This Beautiful Material Into Our Delicious Organic Cotton Styles.


In The Four Years Since We Launched Waddler, It Has Taken Us Across The Continent Of South America And Allowed Us To Live A Nomadic Life Of Learning And Adventure. While Waddler Has Taken Us Across The Continent Of South America It Has Also Taken Waddler Designs Across The Globe, To Places As Far Apart As Kazakkstan And Korea. We Truly Hope That Something Of The Wonder And Excitement We Gain From Our Work And Lifestyle Rubs Off On Our Clothing. Or At Least That They Do The Job They Are Designed For: Keeping Little Ones Clothed And Beautiful.